Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Savannah FUN

 "Oh my gosh, that's SOOO cute!" "Wow, that is beautiful!" "Awww CUTE!!!" "Gorgeous!" "This is amazing!" "Thats so CUTE!" "Oh my gosh, this is beautiful" "AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, CCCCUUUUUTTTTEEE!!!"

I think our dialog consisted of only cute, beautiful, and amazing all weekend long. Can you imagine how annoyed you would have been if you were with us? HA!! I couldn't help it! Savannah's southern charm captivated me!

I could not believe how clean and beautiful this place was. We literately walked for hours, stopping every few seconds for various shots of anything and everything.

Without any further adieu, here are some shots from the weekend.

As you can probably see, we all decided to be models for the weekend as well... lol. TOO MUCH FUN!

The Band of Horses concert was GREAT! They are even better live!

All night I was determined to get back stage... before the concert I ran around asking everyone how I could score backstage passes... I was directed to "the dude"... you know the dude that can pull all of the strings to make things happen. Yea, he was not so cool... he told me he wouldn't let me back stage cause I was married. I was like, "ARE YOU KIDDING? I just want a pic with the band" AHHH RIDICULOUS!! 

So after the show I walked straight thru security by simply telling them that they didn't see me :)... I was like WOW, this is SOO easy! And what do you know???..."the dude" is backstage... Luckily he was cool, and was a bit surprised that we somehow made it backstage without him. SUCKER! He made the band sound sleezy which they are far from... all of them are crazy nice family men! Here is us with the lead guitarist, Tyler.

and 4 those of you that have never heard of these guys... here is a little sample.

Now its back to work time... BOOO!! :)

Hope you all are having a great week... sorry for the lack of postage lately!! Busy days.




I love all the pictures. You look absolutely gorgeous! So glad you had a great time.


I told you Savannah was awesome! I love it more every time I go. Awesome pictures too!

Mrs Smoke

You officially put Savannah on my must visit list!

Nicole Marie

Omg! Amazing! So CUTEEE! Lol! No seriously, those pictures are cute. You look Stunning!

I went to Savannah YEARS ago, and fell in love then. I have been dying to go back since.

And I have to say I am a huge Band of Horses fan. Great song. One of my favorite.

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story

I've always wanted to go to Savannah! Your pictures are gorgeous and it looks like you had such an amazing trip!


I love this entire post!! you guys are models! ahh so pretty!! and I love Savannah, but more, i loveeee Band of Horses. seriously one of my all time favorite bands and they are incredible live! so proud of you for getting back stage girrrl! and jealous! :)