Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little Thought on Happiness


I’ve noticed lately that many people


If I lived somewhere else, I would be happy


If I only had more money, I would be happy


If I had this item, then I would be happy


If my significant other would just do this, then I would be happy


Well the list could go on for days.

Sometimes I think people put up barriers against happiness. Its like they make up any and every excuse to be miserable…. almost as if their ultimate goal is to be unhappy and make others have sympathy for them.

I started noticing this as people around me were telling me how miserable they are living where they live… How miserable they are because they’ve gained weight… How miserable they are with their spouse, because they no longer do something they used to do… 

Blah, Blah, Blah….

Do I sound a little insensitive? Well, I kind of am. You see, I am a little sick of seeing the people I love be unhappy because they would rather seek sympathy and blame everything around them for their unhappiness. Is this easier? :/

I realize everyone has their ups and downs, I know I do…  For many its a struggle to find that happy place within… I’ve struggled. But through all the ups, downs, and struggles… I have learned one thing…

 Happiness is a choice. Its found within yourself… not in others, or money, or location…

Yes, those things may contribute to your happiness at times, but real consistent happiness is found within.

So if you are one of those people that keep making every excuse under the sun to not be happy. STOP!! Make changes, and smile.

Life’s to short to be miserable all the time.


OK, I’ve said my peace. Hopefully those around me that really need to read this post, do!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Sunday! Off to clean my car with a smile… haha… CIAO!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

We’re Going to MIAMI!!

I have to brag a bit… BECAUSE I am so EXCITED!!!!
Since my husband is an amazing driver and won 1st place in The NASCAR Simulation Race, we won the grand prize : An all expense paid trip to MIAMI and tickets to the NASCAR championship race!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!! Smile
I have never won anything before…. and well- technically it was Mike that won, I still consider it was the both of us- we are married!! What's his is mine right!? hehe
We are so excited!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy BUSY Life!

Hey guys, sorry I have totally NEGLECTED my blog lately... :(
Since school started, life for me has been non-stop! Dental Hygiene school..... Study, STUDY, study!
Although it seems like I have done nothing BUT studying... I have been up to a lil more than just that. I'm glad I finally found some time to catch y'all up on what's been going down! :)
First off...
Last weekend was RACE weekend for me. My first ever 1/2 marathon!:)
Although waking up at 4am to run 13.1 miles does not sound like fun, it really was! I cant wait to do another one! And then eventually be able to scratch off "Run a full marathon" off my bucket list.
Here's some shots from the trip...
Day 1… Pick up our numbers and everything we need for the race, and then go SHOPPING!!
Unfortunately, shopping didn't turn out how I had wanted it to!! I got to the point that I was just looking for the most hideous outfit to try on for a laugh… Jessica and I definitely got a laugh out of this jumper thingy? YUCK! What is going on with the trends this season???…
Day 2… RACE DAY!! starting at 4 a.m. YIKES!
My running buddy Jessica and I- still 1/2 asleep- trying to wake the HELL up!! You cant run asleep people!
P1000405Snapshot 3 (9-7-2011 5-15 PM) (2)
Snapshot 4 (9-7-2011 5-16 PM) (2)
Running, running, running…. Are we there yet???
I finished in 2 hours and 9 minutes… I was shooting for under 2 but I was satisfied with 9 over. Smile
The best part of Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon’s…. the concert!! Brett Michaels- not bad.
As for this weekend…
Mike was chosen to race the NASCAR simulator for a chance to win a trip to Miami. We woke up early this A.M. and went to check it out.
He got 1st place!!! So far no one has beat him yet!!! YAY!
As long as no one beats his time by 6p.m. tonight that trip is OURS!!! How awesome would that be??!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Then it was time to take Mike’s new toy out for a spin.
But first, I NEEDED a helmet! Mike already made it clear to me that I was not allowed to get a pink one. Damn, he knows me to well!!! And there were some nice pink ones. Sad smile He wins… I ended up getting a shiny black one. I was so excited to get my very own helmet, I wore the thing all the way back home….
I am a dork. OH!…but I do have a plan…. As I said, Mike stated that I could NOT get a pink helmet Sad smile…. BUT he never said I couldn’t put hot pink stickers all over it (my plan)… and maybe I win! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Tonight we will be stuck to the TV as we get to watch our HOGS play! For those of you that don’t already know…. We are HUGE Arkansas Razorback FANS!!
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!