Sunday, September 11, 2011

We’re Going to MIAMI!!

I have to brag a bit… BECAUSE I am so EXCITED!!!!
Since my husband is an amazing driver and won 1st place in The NASCAR Simulation Race, we won the grand prize : An all expense paid trip to MIAMI and tickets to the NASCAR championship race!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!! Smile
I have never won anything before…. and well- technically it was Mike that won, I still consider it was the both of us- we are married!! What's his is mine right!? hehe
We are so excited!!



CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's so awesome!

I hope the Marine Corps lets him have that time off :D

John Smith

I have a friend that served in the military and she told me about a website that offers special discounts for military families. What I found surprising was that it not only offers discounts through national companies, they had local restaurants and merchants that offered great deals, some were owned by vets. They also had news, some hilarious jokes, information for people interested in joining the military and so much more! Has anyone else seen this sight and have you gone to some of the businesses listed. Please let me know. The website is:

Nicole Marie