Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's 2011, New Year! New You?


With the new year upon us, its that time to look back on this past year and contemplate on what's transpired, aannnd maybe what you wish had transpired.

Time to put away those Christmas decorations.... AND time for those New Years Resolutions Baby!! :) 

The tradition of the New Years Resolution dates back to 2000 B.C. When it all came about, it was celebrated semi-annually. It was a time to pay off debts and return borrowed goods.
Although originally a Babylonian tradition, the Romans picked it up years after. Worshipers would offer resolutions to a double- faced Roman God by the name of Janus.

Janus is the God of beginnings and endings. The month January is named in the honor of Janus, and January 1st has since been the day of the beginnings.

According to a survey done by Women's Health... this years top 3 resolutions are:

1. get fit
2. eat better
3. save more $

sounds a lot like mine, but i'd like to add getting organized the the list!:)

According to a similar survey 38% of women break resolutions in a month or less.... :(

What is your New Years Resolution? How are you going to make 2011 an awesome year?