Saturday, June 29, 2013


Life hasn't slowed down much since grad day.
We had a lot of family in town and as soon as everyone was gone... fit in a trip to Charlotte for my husbands obsession: Nascar...
On pit road :)
Father in law and Mike and I
We had a great time, it was a crazy race. One of the camera cables broke and hit a few fans/ caused a wreck... thank goodness everyone was okay.
... and then it was time for me to fly back home for my little sisters wedding.
Friday I caught the red eye out. 6am flight... yuk. BUT I was happy to get into town early as my trip was going to be short and sweet. (3days)
My weekend included lots of celebrating.
Celebrating that I PASSED my clinical exam...
Celebrating Chloe's wedding...
Celebrating that I was "home" and able to see all of my family and friends!
My littlest sister Amanda and I. She's not so little anymore... sniff sniff, she is all grown up!! It was great to see her!

Helping the sister set up her reception area
It turned out beautiful!!...
and the band was amazing!! Sammie & The Stylies.
And of course my sister looked more beautiful than ever... so happy for her!!!!!
Todd is perfect for her. So happy.
Isn't my sister just beautiful?!! Love her.
My weekend went by way too fast and before I knew it, it was time to get back to NC and start the grueling job hunt.
I was a bit worried as all of the recent graduates received their clinical exam scores on Friday afternoon. After we had a "pass" we were officially Registered Dental Hygienist and could start trying to find a J.O.B.
 I wasn't able to get out and "sell" myself until Tuesday.
I graduated with a bunch of really talented Hygienist, and I know the early bird gets the worm. I wasn't being too optimistic about this job hunting thing now was I??
I pulled an all nighter writing up thirty personalized cover letters and printing off thirty resumes. I mapped out a route on mapquest and hit the ground running first thing Tuesday morning.
I was all nerves.
"Honey, does this look okay?"
"Does it look professional?"
"Hair up, or down?"
"Are these pants too tight?"
"Are my heels too high?"
GOSH... I am a worry wart!!
I made it to 15 offices, all of which said they weren't hiring until I came on an office that I really wanted to work at. I had worked with this doctor briefly at the college and I really was impressed with him. You could tell he was still passionate for dentistry even after 20+ years in private practice.
I walked in... dropped off my resume. The receptionist said she would make sure the doctor looked at it, and I was out the door.
I was about to get in my car and drive off, when a patient of theirs came running out after me, saying that the doctor wanted to see me. WOW, realllllyy??!!
I sat down with one of the doctors and she barely looked at my resume...
Then the craziest, most awesome thing happened.
She asked when could I start?
I was like "Are you serious?" haha
I feel so blessed and extremely excited.
My first job as a Dental Hygienist!!! I start on the 9th of July. CANNOT WAIT!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I made it... I graduated!


It's true what they say... hard work really does pay off!
Proud to say... I have finally graduated.
And... I just found out I passed my clinical national board exam. WOO HOO.
I am officially a Registered Dental Hygienist... you can now call me Amy Young, RDH! ;) haha
Graduation Day
Dental Hygiene Banquet w/ my handsome :)
My family at the banquet!
I have so much to share. It seems as if it has been forever since I have had the time to blog. Happy I will be able to get back to it... and fill you all in on the good stuff!
Hope you all are doing well and haven't missed me too much! haha