Our first trip away since deployment.... oh and romantic one, REALLY!!!
 Nascar, ya know? haha.
Mike is a bit obsessed, and I'll be honest its not so bad. It does get a bit redundant watching the same cars drive around a circle, but its a totally different experience in person. The sound of the cars, the patriotism, THE REDNECK people watching... now that's the fun stuff. ;)

Up at 5am to hit the road... Charlotte Speedway here we come!
Mike trying to wake up... #headoutthesunroof

Mike and I with pops! He was cross off "Nascar race" from his bucket list :)

Wishing this car would have won... BUT maybe next time.
Hubby's BDAY present from me - Summer 2010

Just a few of us on NC beaches-Summer 2010

Trip home to AR to visit fam & friends!! 2010

Nascar & Bush Gardens- Richmond, VA 2010

Trip to see family in Illinois 2010

new years 2010

Halloween 2010

Marine Corps Ball 2009

Football Season 2009

Camping Trip 2009

Myrtle Beach- Pepper Concert