Friday, December 24, 2010


Gosh guys its been ages!! I am finally done with the most ridiculous semester I have encountered thus far. SOOOooo glad I can finally get back on track with my blogging.

These past couple months have been absolutely crazy. Trying to work and go to school full time is a rough job!! Now I just have to wait around till late February to see if I made the Dental Hygiene cut... only 18 spots for the taking, so wish me luck!

Since finals, I took a few days off work to recollect myself. I have done nothing and it feels great!

Hope all of you are relaxing and getting ready for the festive day tomorrow!! We will be in touch! ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

50 Things to do 2 Make Time Fly While your Hubby's Deployed, or Away Training

Not all of these will apply to everyone, but hopefully some of these simple minded ideas can be put to use! Time goes by waaayyyy FASTER when you aren't sitting around bored, so get up and get going! :)

1. Hit up the gym (proven to boost your mood and self confidence!)
2. Plant some flowers (or shrubs, whatever your into.. lol)
3. Cook what your husband hates, but what you love!(Yummm, I can smell the vegetarian lasagna roll ups baking already!)
4. Makeover a room in your house, or if you have the energy makeover your house!
5. Pamper yourself (pedi, massage maybe?)
6. Train for a marathon (you can do it, and your husband will be AMAZED!)
7. Research your family history
8. Get outside (take the dog if you have one)
9. Call some girlfriends over for dinner
10. Plan your next vacation
11. Have a garage sale
12. Go to the beach
13. Learn a new language
14. Read a book, or a series
15. Take a class on something that interest you
16. Build the perfect care package for your honey
17. Take up Zomba or Yoga (love Zomba!)
18. Call your girlfriends back home -n- catch up
19. Get organized
20. Take a bubble bath
21. Take a trip to Barnes & Noble
22. Organize a gathering for wives in your husbands unit
23. Volunteer
24. Visit a museum or zoo
25. Rearrange your furniture
26. Have a Sunday brunch with friends
27. Plant a vegetable garden
28. Go for a hike
29. Go shopping
30. Learn to meditate
31. Start a journal
32. Fly a kite
33. Create a blog
34. Go home to visit
35. Prepare a budget
36. Take some photos
37. Rent your favorite movies -n- have a movie marathon (No sappy romances!!)
38. Make a play list of your favorite songs
39. Buy a new magazine, relax, read
40. Try out a challenging recipe
41. Make a scrapbook
42. Donate some unwanted items
43. Get active in a community sport ( Softball maybe?)
44. Window shop
45. Complete a puzzle
46. Paint a picture
47. Re-do a piece of furniture
48. Scope out thrift shops
49. Adopt a pet
50. Go for a drive in the country