Thursday, April 28, 2011


My heart goes out to those in Alabama who were recently effected by several tornadoes. :(

Image: Overnight tornadoes leaves part of Pratt City, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, in ruins
photo by Marvin Gentry
Above shot: Suburb of Birmingham, AL

So many have been effected by recent storms... The devastation that these violent tornadoes have left is just unbelievable!!

M. and I just caught the nightly news... we sat here in shock watching the damage that these storms have caused. So many are homeless, and hundreds have died...

Last week I took claim after claim for people who were effected here in North Carolina. I am praying for the families, and praying that this crazy weather comes to a halt soon.  :(

Jacksonville, NC April 16

We are now under a tornado watch here... Please pray for us, and for those dealing with the aftermath of these storms.



Amy Young

The watch has passed for us, and no tornadoes formed in our area.... wheeww.


my parents use to live in Jacksonville, thankful they weren't there.
these storms have been so devastating!

Nicole Marie

Oh my! I had no idea of the destruction. I have been so preoccupied and of course the Royal Wedding and such. This is HORRIBLE.

I will pray for those affected. And I hope you two stay safe as well!


wow i am so lucky that it did not hit my city we were so close like a half a mile down the road from where I live everything is destroyed i pray for al thoughs her were affected by the deadly tornado's. my school lost one of our staff and she will be missed.
r.i.p mrs.denise.presly