Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a REALLY gOOd workout!!

Yesterday's workout started with a warm up walk/run with my dog Mac. 

Normally I ditch him at the house when I decide to pick up the pace. Running with Mac has never worked out for me. He always tries to bite my butt when I run for some reason... maybe its because it jiggles...  Haha! I don't really know why!?
However, I have FINALLY got him to start walking with me rather than him taking me for a walks... :)  And since he hasn't been dragging me down the road when we walk, I figured I'd try to run with him again to see if he'd run with me while NOT trying to bite my ass in the process!

He did so good!! I was amazed that he didn't try to bite my butt AT ALL!! Maybe its because my butt isn't as jiggly as it was a few months ago, maybe all this body rockin is starting to pay off... MAYBE!! haha...

After our long run we headed inside so I could hurry -n- get the rest of my work out done and OVER WITH!... Before we even made it to our front door Mac decided he was too tired and  plopped down in the middle of our front yard mid-walk. It was so cute. I actually wore him out for once... GO ME! :)

 I got on bodyrock.tv to see what Monday's workout was... Well they hadn't posted a new one.  SO, I decided I'd scroll through some old workouts and find one I had not yet tried.

This one seemed right up my alley... I have had bikinis and beach on my mind quite a bit lately!

I'll admit I was a bit intimidated by this workout... I hate the Commando Push Ups! I have minimum upper body strength, so I really have to push myself to get through those bad boys!

Well lets not drag this out any longer..... I got my butt handed to me during this workout!!

Right when I was about to quit with 2 more intervals left... this song came blasting through my headphones.

I love how music can really give you that extra boost of motivation when you need it most !!

I normally keep a long of my workouts under my bodyrock tab... However, I know a lot of you are trying to get bikini ready... so I thought I'd share this one with you all on my main page.

Try it out and share your scores if you do.

Mine were:

Side Lunge Left: 20, 20, 17, 17
Side Lunge Right: 21,19,18,19
Happy Monkey: 6, 6 1/2, 5 1/2, 6
Commando Push-up + Mtn. Climber: 9, 7 1/2, 6
Jump Lunge: 23,15,15,19,16,14
Diamond Runner Push-up: 7,6,5,5,5,6

In case you were wondering, I am only a follower of bodyrock.tv... I am not affiliated with them in any other way. 




Yay for a good workout with Mac! You look great, girl! I haven't abandoned your blog design- I'm still looking for a background similar to the one you sent me. So far I haven't had any luck but I'm not giving up. Once I find a few options, I'll email them to you and then finish everything up. :)

Mrs Smoke

I LOVE running with my dog. Last year I did a half marathon and trained my my puppy the whole summer. I got a leash that clips around my waist so it's hands free, best investment ever! I kept my running to the treadmill this winter so when I took ox out for our first run this spring he was tired after the first mile! Made me feel good to finally be able to tire him out!

I'll have to give that body rockin a try. I do the Insanity dvd's when I'm not running and I LOVE them!

Nicole Marie

Wow... Get out of my head! I have been busy with other things that I didn't have the chance to go to the gym this afternoon, and would rather stay home and do a work out here. I check some blogs before I hit the floor and BOOM, you have a work out ready for me. That is why I heart you!

Of course I might not be able to do the work out like you can, Miss Rock Hard Body!

What kind of dog is Mac? He looks so cute! We are looking at getting a dog soon. I can't wait to run with a buddy.


you look great, girl!!

& all I can think about is beach/bathing suit weather. I need to up the intensity of my work outs to be as rock solid as you are! :)