Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When you buy expensive sunglasses do you seem to lose them, or brake them, or does SOMETHING crazy happen to them within a few months of purchase?…. I can keep my cheapos 4 ever… I mean years!! But the moment I get designer shades poof something happens!

So I lost my Ray Bans that I just bought last month this past weekend!  [Sniff, sniff] I know I probably sound so materialistic right now, but I LOVED those sunglasses! ): ehhh,  life goes on right?
R.I.P Ray's

As for an update on all things recently…

-I finally told my boss that I got in to the Dental Hygiene Program, and that I would not be able to work full time- if any come August. I knew they would appreciate me letting them know months in advance, and they did.
I am glad I went ahead and told them! Things seem a bit more REAL now… like, I am really not going to have to work in the insurance biz for much longer!!!!…. THAT IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE ABOUT!

loving this clipart I found!^^^

Now I just have to get CPR certified, get a million vaccinations, and get a physical. Then I’ll be all set to start this new chapter of my life! August couldn’t come sooner!


that my girlfriend Tami is helping me re-design my blog!! She has gained quite a bit of experience in designing her own blog in the past year, and I think we have similar taste so I CANT wait to see what she has up her sleeve. We should be debuting the new look within the next few weeks!! Check out Tami and her cute blog here… 


I dont think I have mentioned here that I am going to be an Aunt come next month!!! My little sister Chloe is having a baby boy! Little Rivre (pronounced River) is due May 26th!! I have bought a few random things here and there for the lil man, but I wanted to get Chloe something that I knew she wouldn’t go out and buy herself. Something that would make a new mom's life a bit easier. There are so many cool gadgets out there that do just that, its a bit overwhelming!! I finally came to a decision to get her one of these….

Summer Infant Slim & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor 9B3A8F0C
Summer Infant Video Monitor

She starts school in August and will be doing online classes at night. I figure with this thing she will be able to get some work done, and still keep a close eye on her lil man while he sleeps! Ahh, can’t wait for him to get here ALREADY!
Here is Chloe at 7 1/2 months! Isnt she cute?

I am using her as my ginny pig for when we have kids... I imagine that our pregnancies will be somewhat similar. Mike and I dont plan on having any little ones in the near future but sooner than later its going to happen!


A crew of us went out to The Azelea Festival in Wilmington.

it was packed!!

so we stopped to have a drink on the balcony of Fat Tony's...

at night fall, the fireworks display took place... we had a perfect view!
Rachael Hodge Fireworks wilmington nc

 Hope all of you are having a good week!


Nicole Marie

Lots going on in that post. Lol.

I have lost a pair of Chanels... I was upset for a WHILE about that. And my husband has lost an older pair of Oakleys once. I understand the pain.

And YAY!!! Congratulations on getting into the Dental Hygiene Program!! And for your sister. I hear ya about ginny pigging someone. All my mommy friends out here are my ginny pigs. Lol.

I'm glad you had a good weekend! Looks like a lot of fun. Anything that involves lots of people, fireworks and booze is a good time in my book.


I bought a pair of D&G glasses back in 2009 and last year my husband accidentally stepped on them and broke them. I almost cried..almost.

YAY for you being an Auntie soon!

Your weekend looks amazing and lots of fun.


I NEVER buy designer sunglasses because my $5 ones always end up missing, broken or scratched. but I'm sorry you had to go through that!
congrats to your sissy, she is so cute preggers! what a sweet gift you got for her :)
cute pics as always