Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Post. 1,2,3 (:

[WARNING... completely random post just ahead]

...o n e...
A couple of Marines from Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station have made headlines and have even attracted attention from Britney Spears herself.

 Rein 266 and HMLA 169 made this video that has now reached over 2 million views.

It's nice to know that our men and women serving overseas can still have a good time while being in such a CRAPPY place.

Check out the vid below.


...t w o...
I booked my flight to AR last weekend AND I am so excited to see my family, friends, and most importantly my unborn… hopefully born by the time I leave- baby nephew, Rivre.

My itinerary was  a complicated one to figure out… How in the world do you plan around when someone will go into labor? I want to be there for my sister when it happens, but I realize that  that may not be possible. :( I ended up planning out my trip so that her due date falls in the middle of my 8 day stay. Hopefully lil Rivre will decide to be born while I’m around!!

I definitely plan on giving him a pep talk to come on out into the real world when I get there! He should be able to hear me RIGHT???My plane will drop in at about 08:00... that's when MISSION LABOR INDUCING will begin! We have a few myth-like natural inducers  that we plan on trying out… HOPEFULLY one of them works!! :)

...t h r e e...
Our visitors officially left our pad last Wednesday. Yep, the same visitors that Mike said would be staying for a week or so… more like 3+ weeks. They were nice, but having people you just met stay with you for 3 weeks was a bit much.
I did a short happy dance when they left, just because I finally have my privacy back… Oh, how I love and missed you privacy!!!   :)

...f o u r...
This past weekend was a fun and relaxing one. Who knew doing mostly nothing could be so GRAND!We cooked out, napped, relaxed outside, went to the beach, cooked out some more, went shopping, and then went to the beach again! 

 It never gets old goin over this bridge to Topsail.

Mac joined us both days, and behaved amazingly well! We couldn't quit talking about how our baby is growing up, and getting more mature. He's such a cutie!

How are you liking Mike's skimpy "I wanna get my legs tan" shorts? I am thinking of just buying him a speedo, what do you think? Ha, he cracks me up!

The weather was amazing, and surprisingly the ocean wasn’t too cool. I would not have known that last bit if it weren’t for M. calling me a little baby repeatedly for not wanting to get in. Yea… I’m no baby!! I’LL SHOW YOU!!... He knows how to get me every time! 

...f i v e...
What in the world is going on with all of this crazy weather, chaos in foreign countries breaking out left and right, brush fires lighting up everywhere?? Seriously?

a n d
...s i x...
Sorry for the awful picture quality lately!! My camera lens broke two weeks ago… and I am not too happy that I have to send it to FREAKIN New York to have it repaired! For the next week or so… phone shots will have to do. :)

Hope all of you are having a good week so far! CIAO 4 now luvs!




1) I love videos like these! they are SO funny..
2) good planning on your part booking with his due date smack in the middle of your visit, hopefully he plans as well as you did! && so exciting you are going to be an aunt!
3) holy long stay for people you just met!
4)lol @ M's shorts! & mac is a stud
5)i agree!
6) phone pics are pics!


I'm so happy that you'll get to be home for Rivre's birth. It's definitely hard to plan- we're trying to figure out when Jesse should come home bc he'll only get 2 weeks. Too bad we can't just schedule birth! :)


That video was awesome!! they deserve a little fun after all...

Dude!!! i am so thrilled about you being here i sure hope you are here for the birth. im going to the natural food store today to plan on some herbal inducing techneques for when you get here.. i hope hes born on the 23rd bc thats my lucky number and all!!

i am so jealous of your beach pics its all muck and nasty here!! plus moms caotic life isnt crazy enough her garage flooded and she STILL wants to salvage the stuff! maybe its just what we needed to reaLLY convince her to trash 90% of that stuff!!!!

Vans in the shop, and i am determined to get it on the road. going to take it one step at a time but hopefully get to take a FaMiLy vaca. over that way by the end of the summer...

yEa he might as well go with the speedo!! lol you guys are so cute together!! glad yall caught some sun together.. its the simple things like rays of sunshine and lOve near that make all the BS in life worth while!! LOve you Sis

Nicole Marie

1. That video is epic. I especially love the glow sticks!

2. YAY for seeing family, and possibly baby!! Rivre is such a cute name! Don't tell your sister, but I just might steal it. And good luck with mission labor inducing. I am sure that will be interesting. Lol.

3. THANK GOD your guests are finally gone. I am sure they were extremely nice, and you had a wonderful time with them. But holy cow! 3+ weeks!? I would have gone nuts. You are a saint.

4. Great beach pics. Mac looks so regal. So cute. And if your husband can rock a speedo, why not? Lol. I know my husband wouldn't but he needs to work on his white legs as well. And while we are at it he needs to work on his farmers tan as well. Damn you Marine Corps and field exercises!

5. The weather is crazy! In Cali, it hasn't been so nuts. Maybe you guys should move here *wink wink*

6. I love phone shots. Sometimes that is all I have to take pictures with. It works.


I saw that video the other day and thought it was SO cute!! I love that they are being fun and creative!!

I literally laughed out loud at his short shorts. My husband would DIE if he ever wore something like that and I posted a picture of it. Haha.