Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wake Me Up PLEASE!

To all of you morning runners out there.... What motivates you to get up and keep going throughout your morning runs???

I have tried to run in the morning everyday this week...... and each day I end up looking like this on the side of the road.

From: Google Images

My problem is not so much getting out the door, its staying out and running the distance that I had set out to.

I dont enjoy running in the morning, I feel like I fatigue way faster... and it seems like I have tried everything to switch it up.

I have ate some mornings, then others tried not eating... still not enough energy to keep me going.I have tried drinking coffee, and even took some of my husbands pre-work out junk.... still not enough energy to get me through it.

I get enough sleep. I just dont get why I cant push myself in the mornings like I do in the evening. You would think I would have far more energy to push myself in the mornging vs. at night after a long day at work.
Its sooo frustrating.
 Is it all in my head? Am I just making up excuses??? Please, be honest.

Any tips would be much appreciated!!!!!!

Beach bound 4 now.... Catch up with y'all later!


Michelle (michabella)

SHOOT! I am just impressed you got out the door!! I've been trying for awhile now. But sleep wins every time at 5:40am. Ugh.

When I do 5k's I always eat toast loaded with a bagel. When you wake up in the morning, you need to hydrate yourself and fully wake up. Just some thoughts/ideas?!

Would love to know how other tips help you out!

Michelle (michabella)

*toast loaded with peanut butter. lol, sorry.*


I would say definitely have something small and easy to digest like pb toast or a pb banana and some water before you go out. You have to feed yourself to have energy. Also, it's very possible that your body just has more energy at night. Everyone is different! Do what works for you!


Ps. I'm sorta starting to train for a race in February called the Tough Mudder. Look it up! I'm so excited!

Amy Young

Thanks for the advise ladies!! The PB toast and hydration SO WORKED! Jzzz... why hadnt I figured out something so easy before?