Friday, August 5, 2011

Finding Joy in Simple Things

A simple list of simple things that have brought joy into my life lately… [In no particular order]

A gift of fresh tomatoes from our neighbors garden.

A day old lil’ Evellyn, who kept playing like she was asleep… I caught her peeking at me out of one eye several times… So precious. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Nelson!!

My big ol’ baby catchin’ ZZZzzzZZZ’s on the couch.

Coming home to a delivered box of goodies on the front porch. Ha… I knew it was just my text books, but I was still so excited to rip that thing open! Smile

A not so crowded beach day spent with one of my besties and her lil’ Yorkie.

A frozen yogurt treat from the newly open BrrrBerry Frozen Yogurt Bar… Jacksonville  NC is moving up in the world. :D

Game night with the neighbors…

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Sleeping in!!

& homemade dinners shared with the hubby!

What simple things have you found joy in lately?? Please share!



dude, i wish i was there to enjoy the simple things with you!! i love you so much... miss going out to eat with you, cruzzin round, jogging with you... MucH loVe - SiStA Chloe

EXTRAordinary Health

Simple things:

Noticing silence
Getting stuck in traffic
cuddling with my hubs
Free Saturdays
catching re-runs of friends and Seinfeld

Sending you love,
Kimberly Jackson