Monday, August 8, 2011

Meal Planning... Do you do it?

It may seem a bit boring, but if you want to...

a. save money
b. take out the guess work on "whats for dinner?"
c. save time
d. impress your husband
e. have more QT with your fam

...then you should be planning out weekly meals.

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At our house, we try to stick to a budget of $100 weekly for groceries. And we try to eat healthy, always...

Without meal planning our budget + healthy eating goes out the window pretty quickly... Since we, well maybe I should say I :)... started planning out our weekly meals we have had no problems staying within budget & have even avoided the fast food joints for the most part.

 Plus, its so nice to wake up and already know what you will be having for dinner- with no grocery pit stops on the agenda. :)

There are probably tons of ways to get a plan together... mine is pretty simple and to the point.

I first dig through my cookbooks, or browse for recipes online. A few sites I love...

I pick 6 recipes that I know my husband and I will both like, then compile a list of ingredients minus the items I already have. I add in a few snack items, breakfast stuff, lunch stuff, toiletry stuff... and I'm off to the grocery store.

Couponing prior would be wonderful as well... but I just haven't found time to clip or search. Maybe someday!

I then post up a little list on the fridge so the hubby knows whats up, and I'm done.

I get to come home, have everything I need to prepare dinner, make dinner, and enjoy it with my man!

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Try it out if you aren't already on board. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how simple planning can be such an incredible time and stress saver.
CIAO luvs.




Definitely a meal planner here. I would be broke and pulling out my hair if we didn't!!

Nicole Marie

I try to, but since the husband cooks more than I do, I am on his schedule. I would LOVE to plan meals and save money, though! I may have to have a talk with the hubby.

Smart girl!


I plan about 5 meals a week. I leave a couple of empty nights for leftovers/sandwiches. I have to plan for budgeting reasons and to save myself from making daily grocery store runs. I hate grocery shopping here, so I try to get in and out once a week in as little time as possible!


Amy! hi! I've missed reading over here, glad to be back in the blog world... this post has inspired me.. my life would def be much simpler if i meal planned.

I'm trying to catch up on your posts, thanks for this one :)


Great post love! Enjoying reading about your life. xoxo Kimberly Jackson (aka Kickin Kim)