Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Running in the DARK

The heat here is EFFING killing me... It's been in the upper 90's lately with a heat index of at least 100 on the daily. Ugh!

 Since I am NO morning person, I have had to take my training out into the dark summer nights.... just to beat the heat [kinda]

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I love summer, but running at 9pm is seriously taking a toll on my sleep schedule...
Not to mention I'm scared out there all by myself.
Hoping this weather will take a chill pill soon!
I know I probably shouldn't be jamming out while running in the dark... but I cant help myself. I love my new playlist!

 Its upbeat, fun, and I feel like its helped me push myself through the rough patches in my runs....

Check it out below. May be a few you'd want to add to your list. :)

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 If you have any songs that are a must on your workout playlist, I'd like to know about em! The more music I can cram on to this list the better. Don't be shy! :)

Hope you all are having a good week!! 5 more days of full time work for me- OH YEA!

p.s. I wanna say HAPPY 28TH BDAY to my WONDERFUL hubby. He's getting SO old. ha! I love giving him a hard time!



I know what you mean about it being super hot, my husband is stationed in 29 Palms!! Yesterday we ran the PFT course, I nearly passed out!! lol. Be careful running at night, carry pepper spray.


I hope it cools down for you soon! I hate running in the dark- too creepy for me. Enjoy your last week of full time work! :)


28 isn't old! I'm 28! Hahaha! Be super careful running at night. Really be aware of your surroundings!

Nicole Marie

Move to CALI!!!

Loving your play list. makes me want to dance.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your old man!!! ;)