Thursday, March 3, 2011

I GOT IN!!! :)

Good morning everyone!!
my Internet has been down for the past few days :( sorry if I seemed M.I.A.!

I wanted to share with you that I finally got THE letter, and I didn't even have to stalk my mail lady!!

It came on Saturday while I was at yoga class... I  had plans to grocery shop afterwards so I told my hubby to call me AS SOON as the mail came. He didn't.

I called after yoga, and he told me the letter STILL wasn't there and that all we got was junk mail this.. junk mail that. ERRRRR, I WAS FURIOUS!!! Well, really I was just SO DISAPPOINTED.

I went to the grocery store then it dawned on me... maybe Mike was fibbing to me, so I called him again. Still, I got "Amy, you know I wouldn't lie to you. Its not here. You need to be more patient."


I got home to find my husband out in the driveway with this smirk on his face... I knew it!!!

"you know I wouldnt lie to you Amy" I call BULL SHIT on that line!! lol

He had opened the letter and taped my acceptance letter to the front door. I would have killed him if I hadn't been SO happy that I got in...whhheeewww I FELT SO RELIEVED, and still do!! There were only 18 spots available so I feel pretty lucky!
Wondering what he would have done if the letter was a denial letter... tried to reseal the envelope? haha
 Anyway, just wanted to share the good news... we'll be in touch!




Amy- I am so, so excited for you and so proud of you too! I knew all of your hard work would pay off! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!


congrats!! how exciting!