Thursday, February 24, 2011


if you didn't already know... Mac is our dog and he is amazing.

To some him up... he is

an amazing fence jumper :(
full of energy
 a great swimmer
a people lover
an avid sock & underwear collector

a great entertainer
a protector
a sun soaker
a great friend

Mac was adopted in 2008 from the back of a horse trailer... I'll admit, i was a bit apprehensive to pick him as Mike was stuck on buying a Great Dane and here was Mac, a crazy mix of god knows what... I just really wanted Mike to have what he wanted... and WELL, Mac happened to turn out to be just that.

thank god Mike didn't say something like, "your right Amy, we'll keep looking for that perfect Great Dane!"

I cannot picture life without this BIG ol' ball of joy. He is a fresh of breath air, a bit of spice to life, and a happy face that never fails to great me each time I stroll through that front door.

I was thinking today as I sat around with him how much I have learned from him, and how much I would like to be a little more like him.

While I don't care to take up peeing with my leg hiked high or chewing on dirty underwear, I do want to embrace life a little more like he does!!...
I want to always be friendly to everyone I come across, speak less, listen more, and love a bit more recklessly....

I'd like to be silly a little more often, and not care so much what everyone else thinks about it!!...

to shed that armor, n let more people in... to relax like there is nothing going on...

To quit being so cautious, and to take more moments to stop and enjoy nature...
to let go of all control and simply trust others to come through

to let things go and never hold grudges

to not care so much about material things, but more about the things that really matter... my family, my friends, and god

its crazy how a dog has brought all this to my attention... i guess sometimes we don't realize how and what things really influence us and inspire us to be a bit better until we take a moment to think about it.

today its Mac, but there are so many people, places, and things that inspire me all the time... my husband is one of those people. He is very encouraging and always pushes me to be the best me.

i guess I'm just feeling extra thankful today.

have a goodnight y'all... oh and dont forget to check out the workout today in the bodyrockin' tab. Super intense, but so worth it!! :)