Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Showers Aren't Just For The Ladies :)

Over the weekend we hosted a guy/girl baby shower for my girlfriend Amanda and her husband Cory. In working up the plans for it, we decided to put a cookout spin to it… You know, make it more appealing to the guys…. We were a little worried that none of the guys would show up, leaving only Mike and Cory with a ton of chicks, BUT we ended up having great turn out… It was such a good time.
PLUS: I got to try out some more Pinterest ideas. Yay!
When I say I got to try out some Pinterest ideas… I really mean that practically everything about this shower was in one way or another Pinterest inspired. Thank you Pinterest! #seriously addicted
I made the tissue poms from tissue paper, and I also made the decals on the onsies. There is a one month, two month, three month… and so on. (so cute) If you are interested in trying out these ideas for yourself, you can find the tutorial for the poms here, and the printable decals here. Both were surprisingly easy to do. As for the printable decals, some printers have a setting to flip the image for iron on transfer paper, if yours doesn’t… just print off the backwards #’s.
And yet another awesome idea inspired by Pinterest…. Bubble Bath Punch. My only problem with this was that I couldn’t find blue Kool-Aid anywhere. Sad smile I ended up having to go with purple which kinda defeated the bubble bath idea… looked more like dingy bath water, but it still turned out okay. The punch itself was delicious… great recipe, it can be found here. 
And as for our guest of honor… Alexis.
Yea, you can’t see her…. She’s hiding in Amanda’s belly, but we’ll see her soon! :)
And some more random shots from the party….
Thank goodness for our friends letting us borrow this blow up jump house… The kidos had a blast jumping around in it. I was sort of shocked to see how this picture turned out- no one occupying it at the time. WOAH, definitely a rare moment. Smile
As for the menu….we had tons of sweets… cake, cup cakes, pink rice crispy treats and these cute lil’ sandwiches… (the kids loved, LOVED these!)
Banilla Sandwich Cookies Bakers Royale 2 copy BaNilla Sandwich CookiesMini vanilla wafers with peanut butter, banana slices, and sprinkles! Here is the recipe for those.
Along with the sweets… we had barbeque chicken skewers, fruit skewers, brats, hamburgers, pasta salad, and a few various casseroles. Delicious! Mike and I have been feasting on leftovers since Saturday. Today, I finally caved and through out any sweet stuff we had left... I couldn’t quit eating it. Note to self: Never keep that stuff in the house!
Anyhow, I was so excited how everything turned out and couldn't wait to share the details with y’all. I think it was a perfect shower for Amanda, Cory, and Alexis. SUCCESS!
Well that’s it for today guys, gotta hit the books till I crash out. Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!