Monday, May 2, 2011

Heads On or Off?...

...that is the question!!

Shrimp season is here!! YUM!

I was so happy to see the road side shrimp stands out this weekend!! Every summer my husband and I look forward to visiting the shrimpers during our journies home from the beach.

Yesterday, we picked up a pound and headed home to clean them up and get em' on the grill!!
Normally, I go for the JUMBO... but it's too early for the BIG guys, so I settled with these...

Heads off... cause its already NASTY cleaning them, beheading them....  not my thing!

I made two kinds... A buttery herb, and teriyaki BBQ. They were both delicious, but my fav was the teriyaki.

The glaze is so easy to make... just mix 1 part BBQ sauce, 1 part teriyaki sauce,  S&P and walla!

With these vegi skewers... dinner was complete!!

Most of the vegi's I scored at our local farmers market this weekend.

 I met Leslie, one of my blog friends there on Saturday morning. It was our first time to meet in real life and was much overdue!! I think our first contact was last summer. It was so nice to finally meet her!! :)

Along with the fresh squash and zucchini... I also picked up a few HUGE heads of lettuce, jalapeno goat cheese, delicious strawberries, and broccoli.

OK, so are  you hungry yet? :) HAHA!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! :)




I'm so impressed by your shrimp kabobs with the farmer's market veggies! Yum! I have to get the goat cheese this weekend, it's been calling my name.

Nicole Marie

OMG! I miss shrimp. We really don't have anything like that over here... I don't think anyways. Wish I lived close enough so you could just teach me how to cook, period. Lol.

Glad you had a good weekend :)